Wales vs England Rugby Facts

Six Nations Rivalry Between the Dragon and The Rose

Firstly, I have to mention that I am writing this as a passionate Welshman.  Not that this will change the facts and statistics.  They are irrefutable.  However, for any Welshmen there is something special when we beat England.

The Six Nations has seen the white shirts of England dominate in recent years.  There have been victories in 2015, 15 and 16.  Yes, Wales did put a spoke in the wheel of the England Rugby World Cup in 2015, but that has been the only joy for since the infamous 30-3 annihilation in Cardiff in 2013.

Now there’s the first ray of hope for the Welsh.  The coach at the time was Rob Howley.  In charge as Warren Gatland took a British and Irish Lions sabbatical.  The year that Wales last won the Six Nations.  Will history repeat itself?

The first international rugby game between Wales and England was on the 19th February 1881 in London.  England emerged victorious and it was not until 1890 in Yorkshire did Wales carve out their first historic win 1-0.

Over the decades, both Wales and England have dominated for short periods of time.  Between March 2000 and March 2004, England won 7 consecutive games and inflicted some of their biggest winning scores and margins.

In the Golden Age of Welsh rugby, Wales won 5 consecutive tests between February 1975 and March 1979.

Wales and England have played 129 times, with 60 victories to England against 57 to Wales with 1673 points to 1518.  There have been 12 draws, the last of which was in the 1983 Five Nations Championship in Cardiff (13-13) when England ended up with the Wooden Spoon after starting the tournament as favourites.


However, in the Six Nations, England have been dominate, carving out 11 victories to Wales 6.

david-duckham-1Prior to this year’s Six Nations contest between Wales and England in Cardiff on Saturday 11th February, England and British and Irish Lions legend, David Duckham will be talking about the rivalry at a pre-match hospitality event run by Legends Hospitality.  Duckham is often called the ‘Honorary Welshman’ because of his flair and it will be interesting to hear what he has to say.  In 2015, Steve Fenwick and JPR Williams shared their views, which was enlightening!  Photos can be seen on the Paul Fears Photography website.

The bookies are behind England, who are 2/5 on favourites to win.  But it is in Cardiff and the spectre of Rob Howley and 2013 will be floating around the Principality Stadium.

And I simply wish to whisper, “Cymru am byth.”

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